Camano Country Club
Homeowners & Beach Properties
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 2020 Budget was approved at CCC Homeowner's Semi Annual Meeting on 12/07/19

2020 Property Beach dues
are $185 per property.
* Now due
*2nd Notices will be mailed end of February 
*$25 Late Charge & 1% Interest charge applies if NOT paid by 3/31/2020

Boat Registration forms need be updated if your boat/kayak is no longer at the CCC Beaches. 

Download Watercraft Registration Form HERE! 
 If boats/kayaks are kept at Beach 1 or Beach 2, it is required to register your boat with the CCC Office.

Please NOTE that kayaks & boats are allowed to be stored at Beach 1 & Beach 2 at your OWN RISK! 
CCC Homeowners
Semi-Annual  Member Meetings

4th Saturday in June at 9am  
​1st Saturday in December at 9am

Corporate Board Members
Monthly meetings
2nd Thursday of the month @ 6pm
Starting March 12th monthly meetings
will be @4pm
(NO meeting July & December)

2020 Corporate Board Monthly Meeting Schedule
1/09/20   2/13/20   3/12/20  4/09/20  5/14/20  6/11/20  
8/13/20  9/10/20  10/08/20  11/12/20  

Corporate Board Members
Co-President Ron Cooper      Email: 
Co-President Duane Hoekstra  Email:
Treasurer Claudia Letter   Email:
Lagoon Expert Nate Holloway   Email:
Secretary Paula Meckna  Email:
Covenants Chair Ken Strong  Email:
Covenants Comm Liaison Stephanie Kolb  Email:

Covenant Committee
Monthly meetings
First Wednesday of the month @ 6pm

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Download Copy of
CCC Bylaws Recorded 5/16/2018

Click here to view Copy of CCC Attorney Letter dated 12/07/18 in response to petition to rescind the 4/08/18 Bylaw Change Vote.  
Download Copy of CCC Covenants
Procedure for FILING Covenants Complaints 

More Beach News!  We need your help!
People have been building driftwood forts. These forts can be dangerous if they collapse.  We are encouraging anyone who sees these forts being built, to report it to the office.  Or if the start of a new fort is noticed, please help remove driftwood from it before it gets built. We are concerned for the safety of members & kids using the beaches. 

*2020 Beach property dues are $185 per property in CCC Divisions. 

Beach dues are MANDATORY & the responsibilty of each Homeowner in the Camano Country Club Divisions.  Beach dues are only optional in Camano Country Club Estates. Please check with CCC Office if unsure by email and VERIFY Information with your Title Reports.  

* FOR Real Estate Transactions there is a one time $500 Transfer Fee. 

*Clubhouse membership is optional & not included in the annual beach property dues.  $48.33 Single & $77.00 Household per month.

Camano Country Club Clubhouse Pool & Fitness Access
Corporate Member Rates
Clubhouse is located at 1243 Beach Dr.
  1. Title 13
  2. Title 14
  Sign up for Pool & Fitness access at the Clubhouse
  Pool & Fitness access Corporate Members rate:
           Household Access $230 for 3 months 
            Single Access          $145 for 3 months

 Enjoy access as a SilverSneakers, Silver & Fit, Active&Fit or RenewActive Member.  Some classes also available at NO cost.  Contact Yorlly or stop by the clubhouse to get started!